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1:1 Coaching Call

1:1 Coaching Call

Want to pick my brain, bounce ideas off of me, or get personalized direction for your business? 

Book a 1:1 coaching call over Zoom together to discuss...

  • General proofreading*
  • Online business organization
  • Productivity
  • Brainstorming
  • Online team management
  • Integrator work
  • Virtual assistant work
  • Digital marketing

30-minute or 60-minute 1:1 Zoom calls available. Scroll down to choose your time!

What happens when I sign up? 

After you select your 1:1 coaching call option and enter payment, fill out the provided form detailing what you'd like to talk about on your 1:1 coaching call. I thoroughly review your form responses to prepare for your call so I can show up ready to support you!

After you've completed your form, select your time for the call. I'll send you the Zoom link, and at the scheduled date, we'll hop on our 1:1 coaching call together. The call will be recorded and you will be sent the recording afterwards so you have it to review whenever you like.

The fine print

After registering for your call, you have unlimited time to fill out the info form and schedule your call. Complete it when it works best for you!

When your call goes on my calendar, I take it seriously to prepare ahead of time and show up for you so you can get the most out of your call. A call can be rescheduled 48 hours before the call. A call rescheduled or canceled within 48 hours will incur an additional charge for the call.

*If you want to learn how to be a transcript proofreader and run your transcript proofreading business, sign up for the free email mini course here (1:1 coaching calls are not available for transcript proofreading).

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I agree to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer. I understand there are no refunds once your call is scheduled. I also understand that it's up to me to put in the work. Just signing up for and being on a 1:1 coaching call will not guarantee results. I realize I am in charge of my own success! 
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