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Hi! I'm Elizabeth, The Proofreading Business Coach.

If you... 
😍 love to read 
😍 love grammar
🎉 and want to be a proofreader…

🤔 but aren’t sure how to get started
😫 or are feeling stuck with your current proofreading business...

You're in the right place! 

You can turn your love for reading, grammar, and fixing errors into a money-making business...all on your own terms. 

As the proofreading business coach, I help you build your business at your own pace with exactly the courses and resources you need to succeed, whatever level you're at. 

The last thing you need is one giant, time-consuming, overwhelming, cookie-cutter proofreading course that throws everything at you.

Your time is too valuable to waste on that.

What if instead you could customize your proofreading journey?

Introducing The Proofreading Business Coach mini courses: mini courses that fit your schedule, budget, and exactly where you’re at in your proofreading journey.

Whether you're just getting started or needing some marketing know-how to boost your business, you've found your home.

It's time to create your proofreading business and start making money doing something you love. Take the quiz and pick your proofreading journey today!

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The Grammar Masterclass

Be a confident, prepared proofreader.

Learn How To Proofread

Create your own kind of magic: transform your grammar skills into a proofreading business. It all starts with learning how to proofread!

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1:1 Coaching Call

Looking for direct, personalized support for your business? Want to pick my brain? Let's talk! Book your 1:1 coaching call with me today.

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