5-Step Action Plan To Begin Your Proofreading Business (In 2 hours or less)

5-Step Action Plan To Begin Your Proofreading Business (In 2 hours or less)

FAQs you'll actually want to read:

When do I get access to the 5-Step Action Plan?
When you register, you’ll create your login and get immediate access to the action plan. I'll email your login info to you too so you have it handy.

How long does the 5-Step Action Plan take?
I've designed the action plan to take two hours or less. That’s just two hours to show up for yourself and your proofreading dream. Schedule it into your calendar, mark it is a priority, and make this happen for YOU!

What materials do I need to take the challenge?
You’ll need a laptop/computer and internet access. And that’s it! 

What is the action plan like inside?
The action plan is built into a course area so you have a distraction-free spot to focus. 

Inside, you’ll read your action plan information and then complete the action items in the order indicated. The action items help you take the info you just learned and step you through exactly what you need to do to build your business!

I have more questions. Can I email you? 
Of course! Click here to send me an email. I’ll respond within 24 hours (please allow for additional time over weekends/holidays).

Do you give refunds?
Due to the digital nature of this product, no, I do not offer refunds. All sales are final. 


This is an action plan, with content pulled from my other proofreading mini courses and specifically curated to help you fast-track getting the groundwork to your business launched.

Just like I promised above, you can take everything you’ll have here in this action plan and start your proofreading business! But you won’t be swimming in a bathtub of hundred-dollar bills as soon as you finish up in two hours. 

This intro course is to fast-track your business launch, get you started, lay a kick-butt foundation, and see if you’re excited about continuing. If you are, and you'd like to keep growing your business with me, you can move on to the next mini course that makes sense for you. And if you’re not ready, that’s okay! At least you know what works for you and what doesn’t!

I’m telling you this now at the beginning because I believe in being completely upfront and honest with you so you know exactly what to expect together with this action plan.

Ready to start building your proofreading business today? Let’s do this! Tap the button below to get started now.

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